Skid Rowe

by Spirit Knecht | Mar 19th, 2016


Skid Rowe

Ya know if the homeless problem in downtown los angeles could just send a post card to Oprah...maybe she would help buy them a loft or for that matter a whole building. And then I wouldn't see people daily for a whopping dollar and a shiney nickel getting completely gacked outta thier minds lost to the gates this raises and interesting question? The gates of Hell, is there really such a place? Some argue, we're living it. Me, well, I think there is a place that life is very peacefull... I use terms like "outta" because I think the soul, the voice we speak through here on earth, escapes when we're on drugs. I mean that's why we do them right? And consquently get addicted isn't it? We just want to experience pure bliss. Some sweat in a heated room stretching the toxins outta them to experiece bliss and others by rock cocaine. I mean come on, many of us have an addiction of some kind, diet coke, coffee, sugar, booze, "drugs", pills,the gym, sex the list really goes on and on. I mean anything that you can't get enough of Love maybe, and you are completely outta balance to get it. That's an addiction, so stop judging, speaking of Oprah and her continued "battle" with the "bulge". We all have demons to deal with. I was working downtown as a property manager on skid rowe, and let me tell you, the line between love and hate, good and evil, is a lot thinner than you think. The irony of it, now the addicts have suits and smiles, the poster children, the kind of people I'd stare at while eating cereal when I was done with all the jokes on the Cocco Puffs, those found only on Milk cartons. Only the addiction is the same, universal, $$$, the only words any immigrant with out a green card holding thier new CA ID is Money, Deneirro...

As the hundreds of thousands of people march along the beloved main street to the tattered, newly remodeled City Hall, I wonder if the immigrants asking for equality really want to live on the street when Arnolds government checks expire. I wonder if the developers and architechs entering these ghost filled parking lots with dollar signs in their eyes, really have the balls to keep driving these people further East, I mean eventually West Covina will end up with a 213 area code full of transients.....all from 4th and Main.

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