Paper Thin

by D. E. Carson | Mar 20th, 2016


Paper Thin

As often happens in houses, magazines of all sorts will start to pile up somewhere and wait until the time comes when the sight of the pile becomes more than the homeowner can bear. As the process of sorting the magazines begins, it becomes very difficult to not peruse the magazines with eye catching cover titles. The cover of one particular Hollywood magazine screamed the headline, Too Thin? The cover featured photographs of Kate Bosworth and Nicole Richie, both of whom have shed enough weight that between the two of them, they couldn't activate the pressure switch on the automatic door at Safeway!

In terms of who is to blame in this, there is ample blame to go around. To the general public: why would you accept actresses who are so thin they would have to run around in the shower just to get wet? To these same actresses who are this thin, what is the point? Are you so desperate for work that you will let some dead from the neck up meathead Hollywood producer tell you how you have to look? And finally, to those in control of the Hollywood cookie-cutter-movie machine, why are you so careless with your actresses? Is it some kind of power trip that you can make or break a star based solely on how thin she is willing to make her body for you? Or is it some messed up sexual fantasy that you are forcing on these women just so you can relieve yourself?

The general public seems to think that there is some law somewhere that requires it to stand in line like lemmings to go see a movie starring some female who is so thin she cannot be seen when she turns sideways. The people have the ultimate power. The people can demand Hollywood produce movies that do not feature actresses who are too thin for their own health's sake. It is not hard; just do not go to the movies!

The actresses who attempt to conform have some power as well. If they all refuse to live down to the grease-ball standards of Hollywood and are in concert with the general public not going to the movies (or watching television), then together the actresses and the general public have hit Hollywood where it will do the most good – in its wallet. It would be a great day in the cinema when the quality of movies returns to the level set by past generations. Let the movies tell a story like Citizen Kane or Casablanca and get away from sex, death, drugs and filth.

Actresses are getting too thin and it is Hollywood's fault. The expectations of Hollywood on women are life threatening and it needs to stop. Doctors have gone on record time and time again extolling the dangers of being too thin and yet Hollywood continues to revere the wafer-thin woman. It is time for Hollywood to stop this stupidity!

Hollywood is also racist. Notice some of these too thin stars. Most of them are white girls. The ones that are allowed to keep their natural curves are the latinas and the blacks. Of course there are exceptions. Nicole Richie was mentioned and she is an exception. Paris Hilton is too thin for her own good. Kate Bosworth is also too thin. Consider Renee Zellweger, Gwen Stefani, Mary-Kate Olsen, Nicole Kidman, Kelly Ripa and Brittany Murphy. All were named by VH1: All Access: How Thin is Too Thin as being too thin for their own good. They all happen to be white. Consider Salma Hayek, America Ferrera, and Sofia Vergara. Those women are allowed to retain their voluptuous figures because they are latina women. An Internet search for black women who fill the bill of voluptuous turns up more fetish sites than there are number of people who voted Democrat in the last mid-term election. One that comes to mind would be Halle Berry. Some would even argue in favor of Tyra Banks. One that did turn up in an alternate Internet search was Phylicia Rashad, formerly of The Cosby Show. These are black women who are allowed to retain their more shapely bodies while white actresses are forced to whittle their bodies down to skeletal proportions. That is racism no matter how it is rationalized; it is racism. Never mind that Hollywood still doesn't like casting black women at all. Besides the three listed above, name five additional well-known black actresses and Oprah Winfrey doesn't count. But the exclusion of black women from Hollywood is a topic for another time.

Hollywood does not allow people to be themselves. Hollywood demands a very strict adherence to a code an unwritten, fluid code that dictates how its minions are to dress, behave, live and in some cases even die. Hollywood is a dark and sinister world where only perfection is acceptable and conformity is law. Hollywood is the ultimate Fantasyland not a place for the innocent. The laws of normal decency and morality do not apply within the confines of Hollywood. It has the face of an angel and a heart to rival Satan himself. Its siren song lures beautiful young women with dreams of stardom then spiritually rapes them of their innocence leaving them cold, bitter and broken. Las Vegas has nothing on Hollywood when it comes to being the sin capital of the world. Driving down Hollywood Boulevard at night reveals this underworld of vice as prostitutes strut their wares, drug dealers rendezvous in the dark alleys and gang members lie in wait for another victim to rob and slaughter. Each of these caring only for themselves, just like the misogynists that oversee the corporate fiefdoms that comprise Hollywood's entertainment industry.

Just how thin is too thin? When an actress actually begins trying to lose more weight than is necessary.



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