Do You Hate To Need Those You Need To Hate?

by baynurse | Mar 18th, 2016


Do You Hate To Need Those You Need To Hate

Why do we use, oppress and exploit those who help and serve us.

"I just love the Mexicans, they are such hard workers." Those hard working Mexicans, we like them when they clean our houses, serve our food, wash our cars, who cares that they have no rights to health care or education, or any legal rights at all in the land that was stolen from their ancestors, by our predecessors.

Gays and lesbians, sure they can fight in our wars, and die for this country, as long as they don't speak about or acknowledge their love for each other. No rights for them though, cuz I refuse to allow their love to exist. Fighting for the rights of those who oppress you.

Those Middle Eastern people with turbans... let them work for less, so I can reap more, let me hate them for being different, oppress them for the way they worship their gods, bomb the country they came from, after all I can do this in the name of Jesus, who of course, wore a turban on his head and was visited by the wise men, who came on camels and was born in the middle east.

You say you are repulsed by two men or two women kissing? Yet, you delight in the long, wet, eager tongue of your dog on your face and mouth, after he has licked the urine off his schlong, and has been caught eating out of the litter box and horse poop on the trail. He rolled in something stinky, and he is allowed to sleep on your bed. A kiss is just a kiss.

Continue to oppress, you will burn the wax off your candle till there is nothing left to burn. The wax that once surrounded you so you can burn bright is now melted into the ground without your wick or wickedness, it is merely hardened wax melting into another mold.

You invite the man who beats his wife and children, exploits others for a living, shows judgment and disdain for others whom he sees as unequal to him, yet, to you, I am nothing more than an escort from your loneliness, or a diversion from your routine.

I hold nothing real for you, except what you don't want to yourself



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